Egg-celent and egg-citing!

watercolour egg

Happy Easter from Growing Me!

Today’s post had to be an eggy one really! Containing a jelly of information and fuel to create a new life, all wrapped in a hard shell, and kept warm and safe from harm by a feathery parent, eggs really are a marvel!

During the start-up phase of Growing Me, it feels a bit like we’re nurturing an egg, supported by our wonderful community, in a nest of Growing Me loveliness! This cosy space has allowed us to grow our idea into a fully formed and beautiful thing, and we couldn’t be prouder 😀 Luckily we haven’t been predated by big cats, or frozen by a cold spell: We’ve
navigated the winters, and the wobbles along the way! As materials start to arrive for toolkit building, and meetings get booked in, we’re now itching to hatch out – spread our wings and share our creation with the world.

Please do share our website and posts far and wide… there’s so many families that could benefit from Growing Me, and we can’t wait to help!

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