Making Therapeutic Life Story Work Accessible to All


Growing Me is a digital web app and physical toolkit to help all children who have suffered early life trauma feel safe and secure.  Designed by an adopter and psychotherapist duo, Growing Me is shaped by personal and professional expertise.  The 10 step journey guides a child and their trusted grown-up through playful games, animations, and creative activities that strengthen a child’s attachment with their caregiver, and build confidence to talk about thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Growing Me creates therapeutic space within family life where children and grown-ups learn vital, but often overlooked, aspects of well-being.

So far, we have worked with families to develop content for the app and for our resources, including: 

Beautifully designed toolkits, packed with therapeutic resources.
Child friendly animations that teach a child about their bodies and minds.
Content that is playful, multi-sensory and creative, allowing the child to explore and express their own experience.
Grown-ups toolkit to empower adults to help the children in their care.
Toolkits and content have been tested by adoptive and foster families.

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