Emptying the nest boxes out over the weekend, we found this little gem.  What an incredible structure, built by a tiny little bird, with a tiny little beak, using just a few scraps of found hay and moss, stuck together with spiders webs.  Swifts make whole structures using only their saliva! Wasps have been making paper to create their nests for longer than humans!!  Tiny creatures making the most of their unique abilities and what is around them.

As a start up business, Growing Me juggles limited time and budgets as efficiently as we can.  There’s something about having limited resources, that opens us up to learning new skills, and thinking more creatively.  This little nest is a timely reminder that we do have what we need for Growing Me to thrive!  

In the same way, parents, grandparents, teaching assistants and other grown ups in a child’s life often have what they need to best help their child.  This belief in the grown-ups is at the core of Growing Me.  Armed with resourcefulness, we can make things work for ourselves, our children and the world around us.  Often we have what we need inside of us, and when we’re empowered with this knowledge, we can do incredible things!

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