Jelly Bombs...

In the lead up to Christmas, I can certainly relate to this feeling of overwhelm! …. like lots of jelly bombs fired at me and I go all wobbly! 

How amazing that a child could describe how they felt – when it can be hard enough for adults! Noticing how we feel is a vital skill that helps us pause before we act and look before we leap. When we notice the feelings in our bodies showing up, we exercise the thinking part of our brains – the frontal lobe – and we slow down instinctive reactions that often take over when we feel threatened. 

Experiencing any kind of trauma heightens our sensitivity. Bodies get flooded with sensations that can feel confusing, and all-consuming. Sometimes our breath shortens and our hearts speed up. Sometimes our heads spin, go foggy and full, and our tummies tense up painfully. The more we are consumed by sensation the less in control we feel. But if we listen, our bodies can tell us things. If we pay attention simply to what is happening we can take back control. 

Growing Me invites children to explore their feelings through words and art, through texture, colour, shape and size. It is an important first step to developing the mind-sight needed to find help, and safe expression, for feelings that become much less dangerous when we can hear and see them.

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