Let's keep it simple...

There is beauty in the simplicity of these bare branches.

When external things fall away, we can more easily see what needs attention, and what truly matters. When we can let go of expectation, we can embrace the essential essence of things.

In a world filled with the noise of Black Friday and Christmas Lists, the simplicity of this pencil drawing of my favourite beech tree reminds me that beauty may be found in simpler things.

Looking at the heart of things helps us see the truth, and is important to Growing Me. We know how easy it is to get swept away in complexity with a child who has experienced trauma. And at this time of year it can be extra hard to find simplicity… dynamics with friends, tricky teachers, surprises vs no surprises, unfulfilled expectations, santa vs no santa, foods, textures and parties.. December can begin to feel pretty complicated.

So these bare limbs are a reminder that at the heart of all things, is the heart, and the essential essence of the heart is love‚Ķ. It’s as simple as that.

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