Ellie has been drawing the river...
Nicky has been drawing cells...

I’m sat in my wild, slightly overgrown garden, marvelling at the incredible patterns hidden amongst the chaos! The structure and organisation found in nature fascinates me – Each cell is structured just right to carry out its own job, and is positioned just right so it can work with others to do incredible things – whether that be forming veins to carry nutrients, taking in sunlight, or creating food to tempt in pollinators. 


At Growing Me, there are many, many different jobs to be done to get to launch.  Just like a wild garden, I find this variety beautiful and exciting!  And just like cells of a plant multiply and specialise as it grows, there’s been a lot of learning about different jobs that need doing and how best to tackle them.  Ellie and I often find going for a walk or run can help organise the creative and excitable parts of our brains – the rhythm in placing one foot in front of the other, whilst chatting through ideas somehow helps everything find its rightful place!  Bev introduced us to Trello, which gives us a visual way of scheduling jobs, ticking them off (my favourite!!), and communicating workloads with each other – we can see things progressing and it feels really good!


Last  week, we welcomed two wonderful new animators to the Growing Me  team from Sheffield Hallam University.  Will and Sammy have already created some super cute test animations and they’re only 2 days in!  Find us on social media to follow our journey 🙂

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