Rusty Monkey and Lichen

One of my favourite books is Ben Hoare’s beautifully illustrated ‘Wonder’s of Nature’. It’s where my new appreciation of lichen has come from… And today, Growing Me is liking the lichen! The delicate structure is made when algae and fungi come together, and help each other out.
The algae makes food from sunlight to share with the fungi. The fungi wraps around the algae, protecting it from harm. Together they become lichen, a vital part of our ecosystem, which in turn fixes nitrogen – essential to grow the plants we eat.

Today, we had a wonderfully creative and fun workshop with Rusty Monkey, who are helping us build the Growing Me digital experience… This is all possible thanks to funding from Allen Lane and School for Social Entrepreneurs. When we work together we can become something amazing and we can help more people. Growing Me is excited about future collaborations and where it will take us in our mission to make therapeutic life story work accessible

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